A Ten Year Old’s Impression


The following essay was written by Grace Webb, who has grown up visiting The Greenbrier and spending time with her family at their home here. “Grace’s beautiful words make all of our jobs more fulfilling. This is what we strive for everyday and it is wonderful to have one of our young family members share what The Greenbrier means for her,” stated Larry Klein, VP and General Manager of The Greenbrier Sporting Club.


All of us at The Greenbrier Sporting Club are proud to be a part of this team and to serve the many wonderful families that call The Greenbrier “Home.”



A Traveler’s Dream by Grace Webb


Sometimes in life you need to travel and take a break. I know I travel a lot. I have found the perfect vacation spot in the mountains. It’s a hotel called The Greenbrier. The Greenbrier is like my second home because I have lots of memories from The Greenbrier, there are many fun things that won’t make me bored when I’m there, and most of all because it has made me a better person.


One reason that the Greenbrier is like my second home is I have lots of memories from The Greenbrier. One time my Dad took me to the chocolate store. Then he said, “What are you going to choose?” “I don’t know!” I said. It took me like 5 minutes to decide. I could tell my Dad was getting bored, but then in the top left corner I saw a chocolate covered strawberry. It was like I could see heaven. The strawberry was beautiful! I immediately said, “I want this one.” After that, my Dad bought it. My mouth started watering as the cashier handed the chocolate covered strawberry to my Dad. Next thing you know, I was devouring my strawberry. It was all over my face! I will never forget my first chocolate covered strawberry!



Another memory I have from the Greenbrier is when I played laser tag with my friends. It all started when the day care woman said, “Go!!!” The room was pitch black, the only thing you could see were the glowing red lights on the laser gun. My frenemy is Barron and he was the person I was aiming for. “There you are!” I said. I had spotted Barron from around the corner. I was getting ready to shoot when… I died. Barron shot me (He didn’t actually shoot me!) I went to sit with the day care woman. She said, “Don’t worry! You will get to go back in when I say jailbreak!” Right after that she said jailbreak! Then I started to sneak over and attack!!!! I shot Barron! He died! I will never forget that laser tag game! I will NEVER, EVER, NEVERRRR!


Another time I went on a golf cart ride with my grandpa’s friend Big Steve. He is also a good friend with our family. So, one time when my brother was getting his tonsils out, my parents sent me to West Virginia. I went there for Spring Break (except for Easter). It was just Mamaw, Jimbow, and I. One day when I was taking a nap, Jimbow asked me if I wanted to go on a golf cart ride with Big Steve. Of course, I said YES! I ran downstairs and jumped on the golf cart with Big Steve. Then he asked me if I wanted to take a tour of the Greenbrier. I said YES! Off we went! The first place we went to was the Springhouse. As we drove closer I saw a little pool of water. “Why does that water smell so bad!” I said. Big Steve said that it was sulfur water. He even said Native Americans used to bathe in it. As we rode around the roads of the hotel, I learned about the history of The Greenbrier. For example, Big Steve and I saw where general Robert E. Lee (a SC general) stayed at The Greenbrier for a couple of weeks. I love being with Big Steve and hope stuff like this will never end. All of these things are reasons I have memories from The Greenbrier.



Another reason that The Greenbrier is like my second home is that there are so many things to do there that won’t make me bored. For instance, swimming is huge at the hotel. There is an indoor pool in the hotel and there are 3 outdoor pools. Of course these pools are only open in warm weather, but the indoor pool is always open and is always heated. I have been in all of the pools and I know how much fun it can be. There are even swimming lessons if you don’t know how to swim. So, pack your bathing suits and head on over to The Greenbrier pools.


Another example is ice-skating! There is a fair-sized skating rink at The Greenbrier. I have been on it many times and each time I go it is so much fun. The rink is located outside and has a beautiful view. You can also see people watching you as they stand on the balcony. The room where you buy your skates is located in a multi-purpose room. In this room there is even a hot cocoa machine. If you ever come to The Greenbrier in the winter, I would encourage you to go ice-skating.



In addition to ice skating there is also lots and lots of shopping. Shopping at The Greenbrier has never been better! You can fill us those shopping bags until it’s time for lunch or diner. When I go, I shop until I drop! That has happened to a lot of people. There is something here for everyone. For people who like sports there are about three stores that have to do with sports. If you like art there is an art gallery filled with paintings, pictures, and sculptures. For kids there is a toyshop. For chocolate lovers there is a chocolate shop. There are so many fun things to do here. This hotel is a great place to be.


Although The Greenbrier is like my second home, I love it because I have lots of memories from The Greenbrier. There are many fun things to do at the Greenbrier that won’t make me bored on a VK, but especially because The Greenbrier has made me a better person. This amazing hotel has made me a better person by socializing with friends and family. For instance, there are many parties at the hotel. For me that means EVERYBODY goes to that party, including me! Let’s just say it’s not the best, but I don’t want to fall asleep of boredom, so I go over to see my Mom. As I’m walking over to my Mom, I notice she is talking to a friend. I decide to stand by her anyway. She introduces me to this woman. I never got her name, but I know she thought I was cute. So, she said, “Hi!” “Hi!” I said in a shy voice. After a couple of hours at that party I went home. As I went to more parties I got better and better at socializing with friends and family.



Another way The Greenbrier has made me a better person is it has made me less shy. I would stand behind one of my parents’ backs and peek out a little. About the first three times I went to The Greenbrier I was very shy. Then my mom sent me to a day care center for a little bit. When I was there somebody asked me if I wanted to play air hockey (I really like air hockey). So, I said yes. This is when I started to come out of my shell. I was no longer shy! I’ve also made lots and lots of friends at The Greenbrier. For example, I once made a friend name Cleo at the day care center. We had a lot in common. When we had playtime outside we played in the sandbox together. Cleo and I went everywhere together that day. I went on the slide, the swing, and the seesaw with her. This is why I can make so many friends at The Greenbrier.


This makes me think about what the hotel will be like when I’m older. Maybe they won’t have ice-skating, laser tag, the chocolate shop, or the art gallery. Whatever happens, I hope you realize how amazing the Greenbrier is!


Fly Rod Chronicles Reflects on 2016 Flood


Recovery in Southern WV!


Join Curtis Fleming of Fly Rod Chronicles as he looks back at the 2016 flood and how much progress is being made around Southern WV, including White Sulphur Springs and The Greenbrier. Back in the fall, Curtis and Jacob Ott, Director of Outdoor Pursuits/Naturalist at The Greenbrier Sporting Club, took Wes Phillips out on a local fishing trip. This was Wes’ first time fly fishing and also his first time out fishing since he lost everything in the flood. This episode shows how devastating the flood was, how resilient West Virginia’s are, and how much progress has been made in recovery efforts.



Catch the episode on the Outdoor Channel:
Friday, March 24th at 7:00 am
Saturday, March 25th at 1:00 pm
Sunday, March 26th at 9:30 am




In Fond Memory of Arnold Palmer

A salute and look back on Arnold Palmer’s rich history with The Greenbrier and The Greenbrier Sporting Club


In an interview in June of 2015, Arnie reminisced on the beginning of his Greenbrier relationship that coincided with his start on the professional tour. “I have a particular soft spot in my heart for The Greenbrier. Back in 1955, my first year on the Tour, I couldn’t win any official money during my first six months and I was sort of playing on a shoestring. Then, I was invited to play in the Sam Snead Festival, an unofficial pro-am at The Greenbrier. My amateur partner was Spencer Olin, a prominent industrialist and very nice man. We tied for first in the pro-am division and Spencer Olin had bought our team in the Calcutta they had at the tournament. I finished third on the pro side, Mr. Olin gave me a big piece of his winnings from the Calcutta, and I wound up with close to $10,000, which really came in handy at that time.”


Following that first win, he played the festival at The Greenbrier again in 1961, and then here in the 1986 American Express Seniors Tournament. Arnie returned to The Greenbrier in 2010 to cheer on his grandson, Sam Saunders, who played in the inaugural Greenbrier Classic PGA Tour Event. The relationship culminated in 2015 with Arnold Palmer as one of 4 legendary golfers collaborating for the first time to design our newest golf course at The Greenbrier Sporting Club. What a fabulous legacy this legend has left us to carry into our future.


A Tribute to Arnold Palmer


1948: Dining room with Draper china


1955: Arnold Palmer on right with AM partner Spencer Olin


1960s: Chesapeake Room


1961: Arnold Palmer (2nd from left) and Chris Dunphy (far right)


1986: Arnold Palmer, Governor Arch Moore, and Lawson Hamilton at Pro-Am


2010: Arnold Palmer at the first Greenbrier Classic to watch his grandson compete


2014: Arnold Palmer at the September Tennis Championship


2015: One of his last design projects, The Greenbrier Sporting Club’s pending course at Oakhurst

GSC Naturalist Assists with Creek Rehabilitation Project


Rehabilitation of watersheds is used to improve the fish habitat that has been damaged due to human activity. Jacob Ott, Director of Outdoor Pursuits/Naturalist at The Greenbrier Sporting Club, has been assisting Trout Unlimited in a rehabilitation project along a portion of Dunlap Creek. According to Jacob, he has spent the past two years working with Trout Unlimited to secure the permits so this landowner could rehab some portions of Dunlap Creek along his property. This stream suffered from a lack of fish habitat due to historical land use practices.



Historical land use practices involved a stream being straightened and widened, which was a common practice and has been used on “just about everything in our area,” according to Jacob.



The project along Dunlap Creek should allow the native brook trout in the tributaries near this property to use the main-stem of Dunlap throughout a longer period of the year. This will also improve the survivability of stocked trout in this area of the stream. The rehabilitation work all falls under Trout Unlimited’s “Upper James River Home Waters Initiative.”


Brook trout, found throughout North America, are known as eastern brook trout in our region. They inhabit rivers, streams, creeks, spring ponds, as well as small and large lakes. Their native range has been drastically reduced in the east due to habitat loss and the introduction of other trout species. They prefer clear waters on a narrow pH that is well oxygenated with high purity.


To read more about this particular project, click here.


Very similar work has been done on the East Fork of the Greenbrier River by Trout Unlimited and WVDNR and USFWS. That project is part of the “Eastern Home Rivers Initiative.”


All of these projects aim to restore, reconnect, and improve the smaller headwater streams in our area.


Dawn Holliday Promoted to Equestrian Manager


We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Dawn Holliday to Equestrian Manager.


Dawn has been with The Greenbrier Sporting Club since 2004, and brings a great deal of experience with her. That, along with her work ethic and dedication, will ensure her success in this position and the continued success of The Equestrian Center.



Dawn grew up riding horses on her family’s farm in Smoot, West Virginia and is an avid trail rider. She joined The Sporting Club in 2004 as Stable Assistant, but quickly became an integral member of The Equestrian Center team and was promoted to Assistant Equestrian Manager in 2009. During her time with The Sporting Club, Dawn has bred and raised Labrador Retrievers and Australian Cattle Dogs, bringing them to work and sharing their development with our members and guests. A lover of all animals, she has also been involved in horse rescue and has fostered a pig, a herd of goats, numerous cows, and a litter of kittens.

Dawn lives in Frankford with her son Conner, partner Jeremy, and their menagerie of creatures: four horses, seven dogs, and four cats.


Fly Fishing School


The Greenbrier Sporting Club’s Fly Fishing School is open to all members and members’ guests. Our expert guides and instructors teach the tactics and techniques of successful anglers for use on our local trout streams. New anglers will quickly learn the basic techniques for a fun day on the water, while experienced anglers will refine their skills to become more productive on the water.


New this year, we will be fishing two different streams during the school. We’ll start on Howard’s Creek and after we have practiced the basics and gotten comfortable with some new techniques, we’ll head over to Escatawba Farms and fish Dunlap Creek so we can put those new skills to good use.


The school starts off with a welcome reception at The Hunt Cabin on Friday, April 7th. Then we’ll spend all day on Saturday the 8th at The Club and on Howard’s Creek. Most of the day we’ll be working out of The Hunt Cabin and using it as our classroom, where we’ll learn how to set up your equipment, casting, rigging, and fly selection. Lunch on the 8th is at The Lodge so we can easily get back to The Hunt Cabin and learn about our local aquatic environments and some basic aquatic entomology before we head out and fish for the rest of the afternoon. Sunday the 9th we start out by getting geared up and running across state lines to fish at Escatawba Farms, a private fishing area on Dunlap Creek, about 20 minutes away from GSC. There, we’ll put all that classroom learning to good use. Escatawba is a great stream to fish that’s full of beautiful trout where all the skills we picked up on Saturday will get put to good use. Lunch is streamside that afternoon before we return to GSC and finish the school.



The school is open to everyone: members, guests, friends, and children over 12 years old.


The price for this year’s school is $603.41/person, which includes GSC service charge, HPF, Rod Fees, and WV tax, two days of instruction and guided fishing, lunch, and drinks. The price does not include required fishing licenses.


A valid West Virginia fishing license and trout stamp are required to fish Howard’s Creek. To obtain a WV fishing license go to www.wvhunt.com.


A valid Virginia fishing license is required to fish Escatawba Farms. To obtain a VA fishing license go to www.gooutdoorsvirginia.com.



Dress for success!


The weather can be highly variable in April, especially the first few weeks. Dress in layers and ditch the cotton. You’ll be much more comfortable in synthetic or fleece pants and wool socks & long underwear underneath your waders than you will be in jeans. Bring a raincoat, even if the sun is shining. The weather is likely to be very comfortable, but the school will go on in all weather conditions that are safe to fish in.





The right gear


If you have your own fly fishing gear, we welcome and encourage you to use it. It’s best to learn on what you have, that way you’ll be more likely to use it. If you don’t have gear and would like to purchase the necessary equipment before the school let us know. We’re happy to have it set up and ready for you at the school. If you don’t have any gear don’t worry. We will have loaner rods, reels, and waders for your use during the school. The most useful rods will be 8 to 9 foot, 4 or 5 weight rods, with matching reels and floating lines. The guides and instructors will have all the leader, tippet, and flies we’ll need. Breathable waders are the best choice and boots should be either studded sticky rubber, or felt-soled.



Get the most out of your school


April is traditionally our best month of the year to trout fish and the school is geared towards trout fishing, (if you want to talk smallmouth we’ll get you scheduled for something in June). We usually see good hatches in April, so we’ll spend some time throwing dries, but as always, the subsurface game will dominate. We’ll spend a lot of time nymphing, since that’s where the fish eat most often. If you have a specific technique or style you want to concentrate on let us know, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your school.



Friday, April 7th
5:00 pm Welcome Reception at The Hunt Cabin
Saturday, April 8th
8:30 am Introduction to Fly Fishing
9:00 am Basic Fly Casting
10:00 am Knots & Rigging
10:30 am Advanced Fly Casting
12:00 pm Aquatic Ecology & Entomology
12:30 pm Lunch on The Lodge Terrace
1:30 pm Guided fishing on Howard’s Creek
5:00 pm Day’s events conclude
Sunday, April 9th
8:00 am Leave GSC for Escatawba Farms
8:30 am Guided fishing at Escatawba Farms
1:00 pm Streamside lunch
2:00 pm Return to GSC and conclude weekend events



For more information or to RSVP, please contact:


Jacob Ott
Director of Outdoor Pursuits/Naturalist










Jered Miller Promoted to Executive Chef


We are pleased and proud to announce the promotion of Jered Miller to Executive Chef at The Greenbrier Sporting Club!


Chef Jered MillerChef Miller is a native of West Virginia and began his career as a graduate of The Greenbrier’s Culinary Apprenticeship Program before excelling in various positions at the resort. He worked in their Culinary Arts Center – the nation’s first resort cooking school – and for Certified Master Chef, Peter Timmins, as Saucier, Sous Chef, and Chef de Cuisine, as well as with celebrity chefs such as Julia Child and Anne Willan. He also served six years as Restaurant Chef in the The Greenbrier’s Tavern Room, a Forbes/Mobile four-star restaurant, and maintained the four-star status. Five of those years were under Certified Master Chef Richard Rosendale, while he was captain of the U.S. Culinary Olympic Team, and the last year was under Michael Voltaggio of INK restaurant and winner of Top Chef’s season 6. His talents then led him to the Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club in Durham, NC, where he served as Chef de Cuisine before returning to The Greenbrier in 2007 as Sous Chef and chairman of The Greenbrier Culinary Apprenticeship Program.


In April 2011, Chef Miller joined The Sporting Club’s culinary team and has held the positions of Sous Chef and Chef de Cuisine for The Members’ Lodge restaurant. Through his culinary contributions and introduction of a complete charcuterie program, he has elevated the quality of cuisine for our members. His intent is to focus on locally sourced foods and continue to build relationships with the members, local farmers, and community. He hopes to keep the food as true to the Appalachians as possible, while showcasing those things that make West Virginia so very special. His goal is to refine old-fashioned recipes and ingredients not found in other parts of the country into modern-day presentations that still taste like your grandma cooked them. While still providing something for everyone, his goal is to highlight the indigenous flavors unique to Appalachia.


When not at The Sporting Club making people happy, he enjoys wood working, mushroom foraging, and other outdoor activities with his wife, Kimberley, and children: Elizabeth, Madison, and Mason.

We hope you will join us in congratulating Chef Miller on his new role!



Buddy the Rescue Horse

Buddy the Rescue Horse


EmaciationOn November 3, 2015, The Sporting Club Equestrian team rescued a horse found in deplorable conditions by Dawn Holliday, Assistant Stable Manager. Dawn discovered Buddy in a makeshift, boarded-up stall in a small garage, with only a small shaft of light through which he could see, neither food nor water, his hair matted thick with filth. “Dawn had brought Buddy to my attention. I saw he was in really bad shape and that we needed to do something about it,” stated Nancy Johnson-Gilmore, Equestrian Manager.


Nancy made an offer to the owner; if he agreed to give the horse to The Greenbrier Sporting Club, authorities would not be contacted. “With my experience as Equine Inspector for the State of Georgia, I’ve found that the vast majority of [people with neglected animals] are ignorant as far as how to take care of a horse. They become overwhelmed and ignore the problem,” explained Nancy. The staff was taken with how sweet and trusting Buddy’s nature was; the only struggle they had, which came as no surprise, was loading him into the trailer for his move to his new home.


After Buddy’s arrival to The Equestrian Center, the task of restoring him to health began. He was covered in his own manure, which took two hours of soaking just to break through the matted hair enough to not damage his skin. Buddy never fought, he “stood there like a real champ,” said Nancy. When finally clean, they could see how very skinny Buddy was. Over the following three months his weight was brought back to normal with a gain of approximately 300 pounds, “You don’t want to overload them; they are sensitive. It’s best to move slowly and consistently,” Nancy clarified. The veterinarian was called in to give Buddy all the basics he never had: vaccinations, deworming, etc., and kept him in his stall for a few days to familiarize him with the surroundings. “We were very impressed with his intelligence and his manner around people,” Nancy continued, “It is quite a testament that he came out of that retaining his trusting nature.”


Before and After


It is clear these ladies’ hearts were quite impacted by Buddy’s turnaround as they shared memories, “The first time he got to eat grass,” Dawn reflected, “Yes, I think we were all crying,” responded Nancy. “He was in heaven,” Dawn observed. The group shared a video of Buddy running for the first time in The Equestrian Center’s arena. Kelley Adkins, Stable Assistant, who has trained him for three months, was amazed with how easy it was; he is a quick learner, smart.



For now, Kelley is still training Buddy. The plan is to take him up to The Summit in the spring, with other Sporting Club horses, to start him out as a guide horse; this gives him the advantage of gaining experience before taking on novice riders. “Buddy the Rescue Horse” is truly a success story, says Nancy, “Not only was he rescued and brought back to health, but he now has a purpose in life.”


Nancy with Buddy


Behind the Scene, Holiday 2016


Holiday spirit is all around at The Club, where our team of busy elves have created a feast for the eyes throughout the Lodges. No ribbon has been left untied, garland is strung high, with all things a glitter and glowing; set to dazzle at The Greenbrier Sporting Club. Join us for a look into how the holiday spirit comes to life in a “behind the scene” blog of our creative holiday talent.






The Christmas tree trimmed all gold with glittery garland and amber glass balls. Reaching up through the center stairwell, this tree watches over the holiday season, casting her holiday cheer upon members young and old while offering a backdrop for family portraits and festive entertaining.






Golden angels and sparkly trees adorn the tables and mantle of the main dining room. Green garland trails along underneath the décor as a backdrop to the ornamental colors of the season. With a ribbon here and a garland there, the season comes to life throughout this great space. Bright red poinsettias bring a touch of the North Pole coursing along the grand staircase.






Twinkling white lights strung overhead cascade a star-filled night sky ambiance to the great room, with tabletop greenery and poinsettias trimming out our festive hall. Private parties are a delight in this seasonally charged room, where our Food & Beverage team matches culinary delights to meet every palate.









Member Races Radical European Masters

Member Races Radical European Masters


Racers with carsThe Greenbrier Sporting Club member Jim Booth recently participated in the 2016 Radical European Masters, an auto racing series, winning the Fangio Trophy (drivers 50+) and 3rd place overall. “Racing is an extremely professional sport with sportsmanlike conduct shared among the racers,” Jim shared with us. In order to qualify, drivers must obtain a professional race license achieved by attending a racing school, pass an annual physical, and be approved by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FiA) whose strict guidelines are 34 pages long.


Jims car at pit stopA Radical UK prototype RXC Spyder Turbo with open cockpit, closed wheel, and 640 horsepower raced him to victory. This car is highly technical with component data tracked electronically and downloaded after the race concluded.





Racing with Jim in frontEach of the seven events featured three races, up to 60 minutes each, alongside a minimum of two 60-minute practice sessions and a 25-minute qualifying session. The FIA-recognized championship ensured high levels of service and organization and racing in front of large crowds. The 2016 season culminated in a stellar finale at Circuit de Jerez in Spain.




Jim Booth Race Map


1) Circuito do Estoril
Estoril, Cascais, Estremadura, Portugal


2) Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Francorchamps, Spa, Belgium


3) Circuit Paul Ricard
Le Castellet, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France


4) Silverstone Circuit
Silverstone, Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom


5) Donington Park
North West Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom


6) Autodromo Nazionale Monza
Monza, Monza and Brianza, Lombardy, Italy


7) Circuito de Jerez
Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucia, Spain


All of these races can be seen on YouTube, including the wreck in which he amazingly walked away from a year and a half ago: view here.

Congratulations Jim, from all of us at your Sporting Club!